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Lifestyle Essential Eating Utensils

The Lifestyle Essential Eating Utensils are perfect for anyone with arthritis or some limited hand grasp, yet attractive enough for family use. Dishwasher safe. Er
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Lifestyle Extended Toilet Brush

The Extended Toilet Brush by Lifestyle Essentials provides handle with bristle brush for scrubbing. Extra wide base is more sturdy than traditional bases.
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The Lifestyle Essential's Medium Flannel Bib Provides outer layer with water repellent lining. Snap closure. Machine washable.
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The Lifestyle Essential's Handle Cup made from strong polycarbonate and can hold up to 10 ounces. Holds hot or cold liquid and is dishwasher safe. Comes with spout
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Lifestyle Leg Lifter

The Leg Lifter Webbing Strap with Rigid Core by Lifestyle Essentials Provides simple way to help lift your leg. Hand and foot loops.
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Long Handled Cleaning Sponge

The Long Handled Cleaning Sponge by Lifestyle Essentials is useful for personal bathing or everyday household chores. Available in two different handle lengths the
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Mediflow Water Pillow

The Mediflow® Waterbase® water pillow has been ranked the top bed pillow over all others for improving the quality of your sleep. This state-of-the-art therapeutic
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One Handed Buttoning Aid Hook

The Lifestyle Essentials One Handed Buttoning Aid Hook eliminates the hassle of fumbling with buttons. This simple tool provides an easier and faster way to button
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Promotes safety and mobility. Protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy. Universal design ensures a secure fit into passenger or driver side of doo
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Shoe Horn Max Metal

The Shoe Horn by Lifestyle Essentials Prevents bending or stooping when putting on shoes. Won't snag socks or stockings.
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Sitz Bath

The Sitz Bath by Drive is ideal for use in the treatment of hemorrhoids and other conditions in the anal and genital areas, and is especially useful after a episio
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Stocking Aid

The Stocking Aid by Lifestyle Essentials makes it possible to put on stockings without bending. Curved cut outs on the sides hold the sock while it is being pulled
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