Broda Bariatric 385 Transport Commode Shower Chair

Broda understands that bariatric care within a facility is very challenging for both care staff and patients, and the Bari 385 offers superior versatility and safety in caring for Bariatric patients’ shower and commode needs. It is three chairs in one, being a Commode Chair, a Shower Chair, and a Transport Chair (with the option of our easily interchangeable transport seat).
The Bari 385 has up to 8º of anterior tilt, 14º of posterior tilt, with up to 65º of back recline which offers numerous positioning options for comfort, safey and ease of use, unlike any other bariatric commode shower chair:



The Bari 385 has addressed many of the issues associated with bariatric care including:

  • Shower and commode functions,
  • Patient mobility/maneuverability,
  • Patient handling,
  • Equipment size and weight capacity
  • Bariatric patient ergonomics,
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Comfort
  • Safety

Recommended for:

  • • Various settings such as SNF, Hospital (Long Term or Acute Care) or Home Care
  • • Individuals requiring Low to Moderate levels of nursing care

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