4 Wheel Rollators

Rollz 2 in 1 Rollator/Transport Chair

Rehab Department on 138 West 6th Avenue
Retail Store at 746 West Broadway

For many years the rigid walker was the standard to help people who had difficulty walking get about. Then a significant improvement came with the rolling walkers with seat. These walkers were easy to maneuver, added hand brake, and had a seat. This made peoples lift easier, especially when they got tired they could simply lock the brakes and sit down on the seat to take a break. Now Dutch company Rollz  Motion has improved upon this design with the Rollator. An iF Award winning rolling walker with seat that can turn into a transport wheelchair.
Why 2 in 1? So what are the advantages of having a walker combined with a wheelchair? Well it would be possibility of continued movement. With the standard rolling walkers with seat, no one is moving because you’re sitting in place. With the Rollator’s converted transport wheelchair, another person could push the wheelchair and continue traveling.
Transformer In walker mode the Rollator looks similar to other walkers. The lines are a little sleeker with a frame that mimics quality bicycle frames. But with a special attachment, a seat back can be folded up. Then footrest attachments are added to the frame which creates a transport wheelchair. It’s a transport wheelchair because the wheels are not big enough for the user to propel themselves. When ready for storage or transport, the Rollator folds in half like a standard wheelchair.

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