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SAD Daylight

Day-Lights are specially designed bright light therapy lamps recommended by doctors as the first line treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or the winter blues. Used in clinical research for over 10 years, Day-Lights conform to all standards set by light therapy experts – they provide the recommended 10,000 lux light dosage; the light source is delivered at an angle that mimics outdoor light; and they are 100% UV-filtered for safety. 20-30 minutes each morning is all it takes to significantly improve energy levels and regulate sleep patterns. The compact Day-Light casing can be used alone with the built-in, tilt-back stand, which also fits conveniently into standard carry-on luggage. Three-compact fluorescent light tubes (4,000 Kelvin) deliver 10,000 lux at 12 inches for light therapy usage. Two-way switch allows alternative 2-bulb, 7,000 lux setting.

The Center for Environmental Therapeutics (www.cet.org), a not-for-profit professional organization, has specified criteria for light box selection to ensure user safety and effective treatment. Day-Lights are designed to meet these standards.

  • Designed based on university clinical trials
  • 10,000 LUX outdoor light level at a comfortable distance
  • Adequate field of illumination
  • Emits balanced White light for eye safety
  • UV filtered protection to protect the eyes and skin
  • Projects light downward to mimic the sun
  • Glare-free diffusion screen for visual comfort
  • High-efficiency, no flicker ballasts
  • Adjustable height for optimal positioning for the user

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