SideStix Forearm Crutches

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Rehab Department on 138 West 6th Avenue

Never Replace Your Crutches Again
Built with lightweight & strong carbon fiber, every pair of SideStix forearm crutches comes with a limited Lifetime Guarantee so you know your crutches will last. They’re also 100% covered by many insurance plans.

Protect Your Joints & Reduce Pain With Every Step
Our built-in shock absorber has been scientifically proven to reduce impact on your joints. Combine this with perfectly-angled handles and comfortable cork handgrips & you’ll be able to walk farther with less pain than ever before.

Go Where You Want, When You Want
We’ve designed a wide range of outdoor attachments that have been tested all over the world. With sand, snow, ice and other custom attachments, you’ll be prepared to tackle any type of terrain.

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