Macdonald's Prescriptions and Medical Supplies



Since 1926, Macdonald’s Prescriptions has been serving the Lower Mainland’s health needs with the finest in pharmacy service. Founders Austin and Vans Macdonald initiated this commitment by establishing the inaugural Macdonald’s Prescriptions in the Georgia Medical Building. The company's core principles were rooted in delivering exceptional customer service and offering medical services not available elsewhere in Vancouver. 

In the 1960’s, Austin’s son, Bruce, joined the family legacy as joining Macdonald's as a pharmacist. In 1962, Macdonald’s #2 opened in the Fairmont Medical Building, a location that stands to this day. Over the following 15 years, Bruce expanded the business with two additional locations. In 1974, Vince Zuccaro joined the team at Macdonald’s Prescriptions #2 and swiftly became the Pharmacy Manager. In 1985, Vince and Tony Fera acquired Macdonald’s Prescriptions #2 and its Compounding Lab. Together, they continued the legacy of providing healthcare services to their patients. In 2006, Tony retired and Macdonald's Prescriptions welcomed Jeff Curtis (apart of Macdonald's since 1995) and Ben Lee as part of the management team. Since then, Ben Lee has retired and Vince's daughter, Michelle has joined the team. Vince officially retired in 2020, welcoming both Eva Willingdon and Mike Athanassakis to the management team. 

Over the years, we have developed and maintained a range of outstanding services to meet the needs of patients and health care professionals. The entire Macdonald’s Prescriptions staff pride themselves in the tradition of the knowledge and experience which they have acquired over the years. More importantly, we are sincere in our concern to assist you in solving your special health or pharmacy needs. We are proud of our reputation for excellence and service and we intend to keep it. Macdonald’s Prescriptions continues to grow and flourish because of the vision and strong roots that were planted by the Macdonald brothers almost 100 years ago.