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Connect online and get prescriptions for travel vaccinations and medications to protect against overseas health risks.

Protect You and Your Loved Ones

International travel may pose unforeseen health risks like yellow fever, traveler's diarrhea, and many more. Get prescriptions for medications and vaccinations that are recommended or required for entry, expert advice and governmental health resources to prevent illnesses while overseas.

Why do I need a Travel Clinic?

Travel clinics provide essential, destination-specific health advice, including vaccinations and medications to protect you and your loved ones while abroad.

Travel Medicine Professionals have specific certifications and training in travel medicine. They are up-to-date on outbreaks worldwide, regional guidelines, and recommended medications and vaccinations tailored to your specific travel plans and medical history. As such, most family doctors do not provide this highly specialized service.

How Virtual Travel Clinic works


Book an appointment from anywhere in Canada

Schedule a time that works for you and complete the intake form.


Connect online with a Travel Medicine Professional

Understand the health risks at your destination and receive tailored recommendations and prescriptions based on your medical history and itinerary.


Get your prescriptions at Macdonald's Prescriptions & Medical Supplies

Skip the wait and book a time to get vaccinated and pick up your prescriptions in one visit at Macdonald's Prescriptions & Medical Supplies, which has stock of all your vaccinations and medications.

Travel insurance protects your trip, but what about Your Health?

Macdonald's Prescriptions & Medical Supplies has partnered with Rockdoc's Virtual Travel Clinic to provide Canadians with personalized travel medicine recommendations on your time and access prescriptions with ease. Travelers to both popular getaways and exotic destinations are at risk of preventable illnesses and diseases like hepatitis and malaria.

Before your trip, book a consultation for pre-travel immunizations and medications for peace of mind.

Book Online Medical Consult

All-inclusive? Weekend getaway? Better safe than sick

Health risks can interrupt even all-inclusive resorts, cruises, and getaway trips to destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean. Get a comprehensive consultation with a certified medical specialist to:

  • Determine boosters for routine vaccines and/or recommend travel vaccinations and medications based on your destination
  • Navigate your immunization plan, obtaining proof of vaccinations/entry requirements for countries and ensure vaccines are administered by designated vaccination centres
  • Review contraindications based on medical history to ensure your health and safety

See Travel Medicine Professional Now

Rockdoc's Virtual Travel Clinic, brought to you by a team of trusted healthcare professionals.

  • Dr. Sam Gutman
  • CEO and Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Shaan Pawa
  • Associate Medical Director
  • Kristyna Sorensen
  • Medical Operations Manager
  • RN, BSN

Certificate of Travel Health (CTH) designation by the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM).